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Self-knowledge: The Path to Creating Effective Habits


If you have ever decided that you want to achieve a goal, then you know that it takes work. You’ll also probably have discovered that you are the cause of the success or failure. In fact, the real factor behind your success or failure in achieving goals is actually your sub-conscious mind.

If you want to achieve anything, then you have to know yourself. You need self-knowledge and personal mastery.


When you are creating your plan for achieving a goal or new success habit you need to start with you. It is important that you look at your life as it is now. How it makes you feel. What your strengths and weaknesses are. What bad habits you have that can work against you and stop you making progress. You may need to go back and look at where these behaviors came from and why they developed.

Have a Vision

Self-knowledge is powerful. It not only helps you understand who you are but it can help you create a strong vision of who you want to be. Personal vision is a key component of creating success habits and forming goals. It helps guide you and can keep you on track. You are able to change your outlook on life and take a new approach. Removing old negative ways of thinking and instead becoming positive and confident.

Create Change

Self-knowledge allows you to create positive change. You are able to think more clearly and creatively. You adopt personal responsibility acknowledging that you are the master of your own destiny. Your behavior will become more proactive instead of reactive.


The benefits of developing a deeper knowledge of yourself are:

  • Less stress because you are more flexible in your outlook and attitude. You are able to accept and deal with change.
  • Better decision making skills as you understand the importance of planning and goal setting. You know that choices have to be made and the more you practice the more adept you become.
  • Emotional intelligence grows as you have greater self-knowledge and can master your emotions as you understand them.
  • Removal of bad habits as you know yourself and can recognize the origins of bad habits and deal with them.

By introspection and gaining a deeper self-knowledge you create personal mastery. Success habits are important factors in creating and achieving goals. By knowing yourself you can identify which success habits you need to create. You also ensure that you are committed to achieving them and have the necessary vision, commitment and focus to achieve success.

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Kurt Francis
Bestselling author, Kurt Francis is a dynamic, energetic, and passionate coach, award-winning speaker, trainer, consultant, and life-changer! He has spoken at prestigious venues like the Harvard Club of Boston and shared the stage with celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and George Ross! His Vision for the next 20 years is to Invigorate, Transform and Impact 1 million people with courageous confidence to become who they are destined to be. He touches lives all over the world with programs like the "One Thing" and "My Epoch Challenge," a program of his own design. Whether you are reading his words, hearing him speak, or watching him captivate a crowd, you'll become an instant fan!

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