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KurtKurt was born in Johannesburg South Africa. He became known for successfully invigorating and impacting young adults through large 5 day events. He coached many young business professionals and developed leaders. His success created the opportunity for him to move to the USA in 1999. He later settled in California where he acquir


ed his real estate license. Kurt gained success as an agent and was appointed as part of executive leadership team of a very successful corporation where he was involved in a many aspects of the company and all its 17 Southern California offices.
Kurt has regularly spoken at sales meetings all over Southern California as well as for other companies, other industries, and non-profit organizations. He formed KFinvigoration where he is Chief Invigorator. His Vision for the next 20 years is to Invigorate, Transform and Impact 1 million people with courageous confidence to become who they are destined to be.
Kurt was invited by the authors of a New York best seller with over 1 million copies sold of “The One Thing” to be one of 75 certified trainers world wide. H
e is co-founder of “My Epoch Challenge.” Kurt’s presentations are filled with huge amounts of energy, humor, information and always leaves the audience invigorated to take action.

Kurt speaks on a number to topics relating to personal growth, business leadership and Invigorating your Success. 

Summary of Skills

  • Chief Invigorator of KF Invigoration
  • Co Founder Of My Epoch Challenge
  • Professional Speaker
  • Conditioner
  • Consultant
  • Coach
  • Certified Trainer for the One Thing

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