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How to Handle Indecisive People


One of the strongest traits of great leaders is that they make decisions quickly, easily, and with the confidence that they’re making the right choice. Of course, it may not always be the right choice, but it’s the way they make the decision that makes them the people that others look to for direction.

If you’re in a position of leadership, it can very difficult to deal with indecisive people. Perhaps you’re not in a leadership role. You may have a friend or colleague who is consistently unable to make decisions. How can you deal with this endlessly annoying personality trait?

Expect It

First of all, expect that people will be indecisive, or at least not quite as quick in decision making as you are. Not everyone has the right mind for analyzing a situation quickly and being able to respond by making the right choice. In fact, most people who deal with indecision will tell you that they are simply not capable of making a quick decision and trusting the outcome. They get overwhelmed and feel like making a decision is impossible.

Limit the Options

When you’re dealing with an indecisive person, and you need them to make a decision, limit the choices you give them. This makes the process easier and less overwhelming for them, and you might get them to decide faster when there are fewer choices.

Be Patient

Have patience. It’s not that the indecisive don’t have great ideas or valuable input. The input you get from them may be even more valuable because they’ve thought long about the options. They have likely considered the problem from many different perspectives. So offer them some patience, but at the same time, make sure that they stay on-task and make a decision. You’ll need to exhibit confidence when dealing with an indecisive person, and not play into their dysfunction. Give them patience, but don’t let them draw you into their decision-making drama.

It’s Not You

Realize that indecisiveness often comes from deep-seated emotional issues that stem from unhappy past experiences in life. They may feel as if they don’t have the intelligence it takes to make the proper choice. They may suffer from depression which makes decision making especially difficult and overwhelming. It’s possible that, as a child, they were made to feel stupid or less than worthy. Perhaps any decision they attempted to make ended up being the wrong one. These issues take time and patience to heal, but it can be done!

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