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Hope Kidder

Hope Kidder is a driven, forward-thinking, professional businesswoman with years of coaching and recruiting experience. Her expertise has resulted in explosive growth for individual agents’ businesses and real estate organizations alike. She has trained and mentored hundreds of agents and business owners to increase productivity and profitability. She is a proactive leader who possesses a solid foundation in real estate with a unique ability to translate this knowledge into success for her clients. Her success and dedication to the real estate industry have provided proven results for her clients and their companies.

Hope has had immense success with national franchise brands. She has achieved a more than 50% increase of production per agent, while maintaining a company retention rate of 90%. Additionally, as a result of her efforts, agents coached by Hope produced $45.5 million in volume per year with only three years or less in the industry.

As an overall top producer in sales revenue for 8 consecutive years, Hope brings a fresh, highly productive approach to sales and marketing for all her clients. She has consistently increased sales revenue through customer-focused sales tactics, increased market awareness and new client acquisition. Her passion lies in teaching, coaching and mentoring highly motivated and successful real estate entrepreneurs. She is well-versed in company strategies and can become an integral part of any real estate team.

Summary of Skills

  • Owner, Hope Coaching, LLC
  • 24+ Years in Real Estate
  • Productivity Coach
  • Mentor
  • Consultant
  • Top Producer
  • Experienced Manager
  • Proven Recruiter
  • Motivator!

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